10.26.17 – VIDEO RELEASE

Slave To Sleep music video uploaded today. Turn the lights down low and enter the depths. Check it out by going to the Video section, Vimeo, or any of our social media sites. Enjoy.

10.08.17 – EDITING DONE

The Slave To Sleep music video has wrapped up editing and vfx. It has taken longer than expected since this is the first video we have directed and produced but the results have been worth the wait. One of us has not slept in many many months. Stay tuned for release info.

04.10.17 – SHOP IS LIVE

We are excited to announce the online shop is now live and ready to take orders. Check it out and pick up your copy of some vinyl. First 50 orders will receive something exclusive with their order.

03.28.17 – VIDEO SHOOT

We wrapped on our music video shoot for Slave To Sleep last weekend. Big thanks to our crew that put in a very long tough weekend to help us achieve our vision. The footage is beautiful and we can’t wait to share it with you. Now on to the editing.

01.13.17 – RECORDS

How fitting our records were delivered on a Friday the 13th with a full moon overhead. Stay tuned for the Shop section to go live where the vinyl will be available for purchase.

10.27.16 – GEAR PORN

Head over to Facebook and check out photos of some of the gear that was abused during the making of our album.

10.25.16 – JACKETS

Album artwork proofs for the vinyl came back today. Black on Black jackets all day. Proofs approved, now on to the pressings.

10.24.16 – ALBUM RELEASE

The self-titled album has now released on all major platforms. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud, and many more to come over the course of the following week. Go find a dark place, far from the drone of society and escape into the sound.

10.23.16 – VINYL

A limited run of records will be pressed on December 15th and begin shipping in the new year. First 50 orders will receive something exclusive along with their order !! Once the shop section on our site goes live you can place your order. Stay tuned…

10.21.16 – MUSIC VIDEO

Pre-production of our first music video is now underway. The gears are in motion to take you to a world of beauty and darkness. A place where you lock away your deepest secrets and fight those battles from within. A visual account of what it means to become a Slave To Sleep.